How Does a Person Play Jeopardy in the Classroom?

To play Jeopardy in the classroom, put the answers and questions in a PowerPoint or other type of slideshow. Keep the slides in the order of answer first and question second.

Playing Jeopardy in the classroom is a way to encourage students to engage with the subject matter being studied. Adding the excitement of getting the right answer and earning points increases the likelihood a student will remember answers. Student answers can also help teachers assess weak points in learning, and can then direct more attention to teaching needed aspects.

Step 1: Set up the game

Use a chalkboard or whiteboard to write categories and point values in column form, with categories as headers, and point values in the columns below. Then, with answers and questions already entered in the slideshow, divide the class into two groups, or have two students compete against each other. Select a category and point value.

Step 2: Begin game play

Read the answer, select the first player who raises their hand or clicks a buzzer, then read the answer. The player must respond in the form of a question to get the points.

Step 3: Record the score

After each correct answer, keep track of the new score, and remove the value of the question answered from the available options. Then, go on to the next round and keep going until all the questions and categories have been used.