How Does a Person Make a Sled Out of Cardboard Boxes?


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To make a sled out of cardboard boxes, tape the boxes together and then decorate the sled. Paint the top then add a layer of wax on the bottom.

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If using the sled for a competition, check the rules about design specifics before making the cardboard sled because each race can have different rules.

  1. Construct the sled
  2. To reduce friction, use duct tape on the top side to tape the boxes together. If the seams feel weak, fill them with craft glue for added stability.

  3. Paint the sled
  4. Apply paint to the top of the sled and decorate the top as desired. Allow the paint to dry completely.

  5. Wax the underside
  6. Flip the sled over and apply a thick coat of carnauba or heated paraffin wax to the sled's bottom.

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