Do People Think Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned?

There are popular arguments both for and against banning violent video games, but many people think that violent video games do not need to be banned. This debate takes place in the wake of mass school shootings, such as the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. There have been several instances of school shootings wherein the perpetrator played popular violent video games such as Call of Duty, a series of first-person shooter games.

The argument that violent video games should not be banned commonly takes the form of the statement that video games do not cause violence. FBI profilers and psychology experts alike have researched the subject matter, and they have found that there is no causal correlation between the two variables. Another popular argument is that people blame video games, rock music and movies for acts of violence because they are facets of society that they inherently distrust.

The argument for banning video games states that it is more than a coincidence that perpetrators of mass shootings generally played violent video games. However, this relationship may be a result of their reclusiveness and attitude towards others, rather than a cause. Many argue that the entertainment industry as a whole is a source of the problem, but it is also argues that other institutions, such as family, school and religion, have not done enough to provide alternate perspectives.