What Are Some Patterns for Wood Carving?

Some sources for woodcarving patterns include the site Carving Patterns and Woodcarving Illustrated magazine. These resources both offer a wide variety of woodcarving patterns for users of all skills levels.

Carving Patterns is the online home of Lora S. Irish, a skilled woodcarver and published pattern book author who has been sharing woodcarving patterns online since 1997. Carving Patterns offers an enormous selection of patterns, including birds, dragons, Celtic knots and mantel boards. The site offers its pattern instructions in a wide variety of mediums, including books, CD collections and downloads. While many of the more intricate designs on Carving Patterns must be purchased, the site also offers a generous selection of free downloadable patterns. Carving Patterns also offers a number of woodcarving tutorials for beginners.

Woodcarving Illustrated is a monthly magazine dedicated to the art of woodcarving. Each issue features a variety of woodcarving patterns, from holiday ornament designs and other seasonal patterns to birdhouses and decorative door toppers. The magazine also offers a range of other useful information for woodcarving enthusiasts, including tools and tips, instructions on various techniques, feature articles and reviews of various woodcarving tools and publications. The magazine's website also offers a variety of content, including downloadable patterns, woodcarving videos and step-by-step tutorials. The site also hosts a community forum in which users can share their own techniques, creations and patterns.