What Are Some Patterns for Infinity Scarves?


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Lucky number, cowl and openwork are some of the infinity scarf patterns. Both men and women wear infinity scarves in different ways to either match their attires or provide warmth. Different infinity scarf patterns require different needle and yarn sizes.

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Number theories designate the numbers three and seven as lucky, giving rise to the common lucky number scarf patterns. The seven bars on the side of these scarves symbolize togetherness, while the three stitches in each bar symbolize fortune. Lucky number scarves are reversible and suitable for both men and women.

Many wear cowl scarves by pulling them up like a hood or looping them around the neck. They are small and require only one skein of yarn to knit. Longer cowl scarves work well during the winter months due to their warmth. Cowl scarves exist in numerous varieties, including the cozy autumn and the cool breeze infinity cowls that have rich textures.

Openwork infinity scarves are bulky-yarn outfits suitable for chilly weather. Sewing the openwork scarves requires a number 19 needle and one skein of yarn measuring 123 yards. Openwork scarves match with many varieties of accessories. These scarves are long, easy to design and adjustable despite their weight.

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