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Pat Catan's craft projects available online include a re-purposed tin can caddy, cork board heart refrigerator magnets and a glass gem Fall wreath. Categories of Pat Catan's craft projects cover themes such as kids' crafts, holiday decor and everyday use. All required materials listed for each project are found in Pat Catan's craft stores.

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Materials needed for Pat Catan's re-purposed tin can caddy include tin cans, acrylic paints, ribbon or twine and paint brushes or foam sponges. Rinse cans and remove labels, then paint the cans any preferred design or colors. After the paint is dry, tie ribbon or twine around the can for added decoration, or use the ribbon to tie together multiple can caddies.

Cork board heart magnets require wooden heart cut-outs, red paint, craft corks, hot glue and adhesive magnet backings. Paint the wooden cut-outs and corks red, and after the paint is dry, use hot glue to fasten the corks to the hearts. After the hot glue sets, apply the adhesive magnets to the backs of the hearts.

Craft Pat Catan's glass gem Fall wreaths using eight-inch Durafoam wreath rings, four one-pound bags of gem stones in Fall colors, such as amber, brown or gold, wide ribbons and hot glue. Glue gems to the foam rings in straight lines, diagonal slants or spiral patterns until covered, then loop a hanging ribbon around the top of the wreath. Do not glue the ribbon, as this allows for tailoring to Fall holidays or themes throughout the season.

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