What Are Some Party Games for 14-Year-Olds?

Finding party games suitable for teenagers is tricky, and it depends on the teens' personalities, interests and the guests invited to the party. KiwiFamilies lists Balloon Dare, Truth Truth Lie, Name That Song and Winks Murder as top party games for 14-year olds and other teens.

To play Balloon Dare, write out fun and challenging but safe and not embarrassing dares on small pieces of paper for each number of guests. Place the paper in the balloon before blowing it up and tying the knot. Each guest takes turns popping a balloon and performing the dare inside the balloon. If the dare is not completed, a consequence that is not embarrassing or dangerous is given.

To play Truth Truth Lie, have each guest write down two facts and one lie about themselves on a piece of paper. Guests take turns reading their facts, and other guests try to figure out the lie. The guests with the most guessed lies wins the prize.

Name that song tests guests' musical knowledge. Play just a few seconds of a song and have guests guess the name of the tune. Make sure to keep the music in the right genre for the teens.

Winks murder is played by naming a guest as the murderer when they arrive. All the other guests must play detective and find the murderer by catching them in the act. The murderer simply winks at an unsuspecting guest, and they have to place a sticker on their shirt that says deceased. Whoever guesses the murderer correctly before being killed off wins.