How Do You Do Paracord Weaving?


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To do paracord weaving, cut two pieces of the cord, one twice the length of the other, make a granny knot in the shorter cord, place the loop created on a suitable surface, and position the longer cord horizontally from the under the loop. Make half knots using both the cords, and finish by melting the cord's ends.

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Cut the piece of the initial cord approximately 2 1/2 to 3 times longer than the desired length of the finished project. Cut the longer piece about 6 times the required length.

To make the granny knot in the shorter cord, fold the cord lengthwise in half, and bring its ends together. Then, bend the ends across the remaining portion of the cord to create a loop, insert the ends via the loop, and pull. This knots the ends, and makes a loop in the cord.

Now, place the cord with the loop on an even surface, with the knot-side pointing toward you. Position the longer cord beneath the loop so that its center rests approximately 1/2 inch away from the loop's midpoint. Lay the longer cord horizontally across the loop.

Next, bring the longer cord's left part beneath the loop and over its right part to create another loop. Then, bring the longer cord's right part over the loop at the center, and upwards via the loop created. Tug the right and left cords tightly to make a half knot.

Repeat the process for making half knots until the base of the loop is reached. To melt the cord's ends, use a lighter.

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