What Paper Airplane Games Are Playable Online?


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Some paper airplane games available online include “Flight” and “Paper Airplane Game.” While both games revolve around the idea of getting a paper airplane from one location to another, “Flight” features an in-depth upgrade system that gives players more control over the paper airplane.

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In “Flight,” players are trying to help a paper airplane travel to London. When the game starts, they have no control over the airplanes after they throw them. However, they have the ability to upgrade the airplane as they collect stars. The upgrades range from reducing the weight of the plane to giving players control, which allows them to press the A and D keys or the up and down arrow keys to adjust the angle of the plane. Another upgrade allows players to attach an engine to the back of it, and they can tap the space bar to use the engine for a boost.

In the “Paper Airplane Game,” players are helping a paper airplane navigate its way through a series of rooms. They control the plane with the up, down, left and right arrow keys. To lift the plane back into the air, they have to fly it over air vents. Completing each room involves players avoiding all of the obstacles and making it from one side to the other.

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