What Is "Papa's Pancakeria"?


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"Papa's Pancakeria" is a game offered online through Coolmath-Games.com. It involves the player attempting to work in a pancake restaurant taking orders, preparing pancakes and serving them to customers in a timely manner. Players win points through tips subsequently given by the customers.

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The player begins by choosing a new game slot or by resuming an older game that has been saved. Players have the option of choosing a male character named Cooper or a female character named Prudence. An introduction then depicts the character attempting to obtain several jobs before being hired at Papa's Pancakeria up on Maple Mountain. Fun ensues when a note left by the proprietor indicates that the player is expected to hold down the restaurant and all its duties on her own.

The player must copy down the order of each customer, then pin that order on the ticket line in any sequence she chooses. The player then proceeds to the grill station where she must drag one ladle of batter onto the grill for each ordered pancake. She must then follow the "flip meter" to gauge when they require turning. Finished pancakes are taken to the building station where the player adds condiments such as syrup, berries and butter pads, depending on the order. Proper building requires spreading ingredients evenly over the pancakes, a skill that takes some practice. Tips are dependent on the correct execution of all steps, including the quality of presentation.

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