What Is "Papa's Hot Doggeria"?


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"Papa's Hot Doggeria" is a free online game that places the player in the role of the owner and cook at a hot dog restaurant within a baseball stadium. The goal of the game is to take orders from customers and visit different in-game stations to fill the orders.

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"Papa's Hot Doggeria" requires players to use resource and time management skills in order to successfully fill incoming orders within the appropriate amount of time. At the start of the game, the player chooses a saved file, if available, or starts a new game. The player is also able to choose from one of two preconfigured avatars or create her own custom character. After watching an introductory cutscene, the player enters the tutorial phase of the game, which explains the control scheme. The general flow of the game consists of taking orders, filling orders and then delivering the completed meal to the correct customer.

To take an order, the player needs to wait for the customer character to walk up to the counter, then click the Take Order button. From here, the player visits different sections of the game to grill hot dogs, cover them with toppings and pour any additional drinks. The player can complete all these actions via mouse clicks and movements.

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