How Does "Papa's Burgeria" Help Children Learn Math?


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While "Papa's Burgeria" is not a specifically math-oriented game, it may help children practice concepts such as sequences, order of operations and averages. In the game, players must build burgers in a specific sequence according to pictorial instructions.

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"Papa's Burgeria" is an online computer game available on CoolMath-Games.com. In the game, non-playable characters come to the counter and order hamburgers. Each customer's order is represented as a sequence of images of different hamburger ingredients, such as a patty, buns, mustard and cheese.

As more customers enter and place orders, the player must remember in which order the customers arrived and in which order to make each burger. They must also remember the length of time to cook each patty and the order in which to assemble each burger. The operations are divided into three stations: the order station, the grill station and the build station.

Once the order is completed, the player's success at each station is calculated as a percentage. The average of these percentages determines the customer's level of satisfaction and the amount they tip. At the end of each round, the average percentages of all the customers at all the stations is averaged to give a total percentage of success. The tips are also tallied. While the player is not required to do any calculations, the game helps reinforce the importance of these mathematical concepts.

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