How Do You Get to Pandaria in "World of Warcraft"?

Get to Pandaria in "World of Warcraft" using the quests provided in Stormwind or Orgimmar. The quest begins at level 85 when the player enters the faction's capital city.

  1. Reach level 85

    The first step to receive the Pandaria quest chain is to reach level 85. Complete quest chains, receive reward points, and level up. Available quests are marked with gold question marks above NPC characters within the game.

  2. Travel to the capital

    Reaching level 85 opens the eligibility for the Pandaria quest chain. Travel to the capital city of Stormwind if the character is Alliance or Orgimmar if the character is Horde. Arriving in the city begins the quest chain.

  3. Receive and accept the quest

    The character receives a notification to begin the Pandaria quest chain when he arrives in his faction's capital city. The Alliance quest chain is titled "The King's Command." The Horde quest chain is titled "All Aboard." Accept the quest, and follow the directions.

  4. Complete the quest chain

    Complete each step of the quest chain for the character's faction. The end result opens transportation to Pandaria. When characters arrive in Pandaria, they can accept quests in the location and work through the various levels available to their character.