What Are Some Panda Puns?

Jokes4Us offers several suggestions for panda-based wordplay, such as pandas eating panda-cakes instead of pancakes, pandas causing panda-monium and panda bank robbers wearing pandanas. Some popular panda-based puns revolve around substituting the word "pan" or "ban" for "panda." A pun is a play on words intended for humorous effect, either exploiting the similarity between the words or suggesting multiple meanings.

Puns have been a part of comedy since ancient Roman times when the playwright Platus gained popularity for making up and changing the meaning of words in Latin. They also are part of the repertoire of other famous writers such as William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. While puns are chiefly used in comedy, they also can be used to add meaning, illustrate the cleverness of the author or character, or guide the interpretation of a text. Puns can be visual, and in English heraldry, the technique of using visual puns is called "canting arms." Visual puns are employed by people with a pictographic language such as the Chinese, who base puns around the similarities of two written characters.

Puns also appear in noncomedic English literature, including works by Alexander Pope, James Joyce and John Donne. Puns have been referred to as both the highest and lowest form of literature.