What Are Some Palm Frond Crafts?


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Palm fronds can be used in a variety of craft projects, like making Halloween masks and roofs for forts. They can also be folded using origami techniques or can be useful as tools, such as paint stirrers and homemade baskets.

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What Are Some Palm Frond Crafts?
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Woody fronds that fall off of these trees can be easily carved into Halloween masks. The pieces have a natural curvature that fits one's face and they can be sanded down, painted and configured according to one's liking. The easiest design is to make a skull mask, which requires very little carving and can be done with just one piece.

Fronds can be used for many other crafts and applications. They can be weaved together into many different shapes and symbols, like crosses. These origami instructions are available for free through the Internet and require very little skill. Fronds can also be used to make roofs for outside forts, although they can require a lot of fronds to do this successfully. Fronds also come in handy as paint stirrers. If one can find a hefty frond that is rigid, they work as fine substitutes. Fronds have also been known to be weaved into other things like homemade baskets.

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