How Do You Get to Pallet Town in "Pokemon Gold"?

pallet-town-pokemon-gold Credit: JD Hancock/CC-BY 2.0

Pallet Town is located south of Viridian City and accessed via Route 1 or by surfing from Route 21. This area is only available after the player defeats the Elite Four in Pokemon Gold and travels to the Kanto region. Pallet Town is one of the last areas the player visits before the Final Battle.

  1. Travel to the Kanto Region

    In order to get to Kanto, players need to get the S.S. Ticket from Professor Elm in New Bark Town. The ship leaves from Olivine City’s port, and the player can leave at his convenience. The ship arrives in Vermilion City.

  2. Play through several locations

    When traveling to Pallet Town for the first time, players need to work their way through the game until they get to Viridian City. The Celadon City, Fuchsia City, Pewter City and Viridian City gyms need to be completed in order to proceed to the next area. After Viridian City is visited for the first time, players can simply fly to this location.

  3. Walk through Route 1

    Route 1 can be walked through very quickly. If you are traveling to Pallet Town for the first time, this is the only route that is available. After visiting Cinnabar Island, players can surf north on Route 21 to reach the town.