How Do You Paint Leather?


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You can paint leather by using acrylics that are safe to use for this type of material. Make sure that you are using vegetable-tanned leather, as other types of leather won't let the paint go through the material.

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  1. Clean the leather

    Use a solution of 1 pint of water and 1 ounce of leather bleach as your cleaner. Apply this with a wool dauber or a brush with soft bristles.

  2. Prime the leather

    Use a solution of equal parts water and paint to coat the leather in preparation for the undiluted paint. At this stage, the leather should not be dry but rather slightly damp.

  3. Paint the leather

    Using long, even strokes, apply the undiluted paint to the leather with a wool dauber or a large paintbrush. Don't forget to flex the leather from time to time during both the paint application stage and the drying process. This helps to ensure the paint doesn't crack when dry.

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