How Do You Paint Christmas Balls?

How Do You Paint Christmas Balls?

Create stained glass holiday balls by tracing a simple pattern onto the ornament, covering the lines with liquid lead and painting inside the lines with stained glass paint. The project requires time for painting and must be left to dry overnight.

  1. Gather the supplies

    Most large craft stores sell clear ornaments, stained glass paint, liquid lead and leading blank required to create faux stained glass.

  2. Choose the pattern

    Select simple patterns that are easily completed. Children's holiday coloring books are potential sources of patterns. Copy the pattern, enlarging or reducing as necessary to fit the ornament.

  3. Trace the design

    Place the scaled pattern under the leading blank. Use liquid lead to trace the pattern onto the blank.

  4. Apply the paint

    Apply a thin layer of paint from the special bottles. If necessary, use a cotton swab to ensure the design has an even coat of paint. Tap the blank to eliminate any air bubbles. Place the leading blank in a dust free environment where it remains undisturbed until dry, usually 8 to 10 hours. Once dry, the paint becomes transparent.

  5. Transfer to ornament

    Carefully peel the dried design from the blank. Apply the design to the ornament. It should cling to the ornament like commercially available vinyl clings.

  6. Display the craft

    Hang ornaments on your holiday tree, or add them to other holiday displays. Keep extra hand-painted ornaments on hand as gifts for unexpected guests.