What Are Some Outdoor Team Games for Adults?


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Some outdoor team games for adults include the Duct Tape Game, Human Knot and The Number Game. These games are best suited for large groups of people.

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To play the Duct Tape Game, players splits into roughly equal teams of six to seven. Each team selects one person to be taped to a tree, who stands on a chair. The rest of the team attempts to use duct tape to secure one of their teammates to the tree. Teams are given five minutes to complete the task. After the time expires, if a team can keep their teammate hanging from the tree with no other assistance for one minute, that team is declared the winner.

In Human Knot, players are asked to form a large circle, ensuring all players are within arm’s reach of the opposite side. When play begins, all players join hands with another person across the circle. Players then attempt to disentangle the human knot they have created, without any person releasing the hands they grasped in the initial step.

The Number Game is played in teams of six. Each team has one leader and five members each given a piece of paper with a number from one to five on it. Each team member should have a unique number. The referee then calls out a five-digit number that includes all numbers from one to five. The leader of each team organizes his team into the correct positions to show the number called. The first team to correctly arrange themselves is awarded one point. The game ends when one team reaches 10 points and is declared the winner.

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