How Do You Find Out the Value of a Buffalo Nickel With No Date?

There is no way to tell the rarity or value of dateless buffalo nickels, so they are typically sold for 10 to 20 cents as of 2015. Although dateless coins are normally only worth face value, dateless buffalo nickels are worth more because crafting enthusiasts use them to make jewelry.

The once-common buffalo nickels all had dates at one point, but the raised date area of the coins often wore off over years of use. The date is normally located on the bottom left corner of the coin on the already raised shoulder of the Native American figure. This elevates the date above the rest of the coin so that it is one of the first areas to experience wear during circulation.

If only the last two or three digits of the coin are visible, the coin may be worth up to 20 percent of its current market value, according to If the first digits are still visible, the coin may be worth 50 cents or more. Although it is possible to recover the coin's date using ferric chloride, this takes away the coin's value as the chemical leaves a permanent acid mark on the coin. Additionally, the re-appearing date eventually disappears again.