How Do You Find Out About Upcoming Card Shows?


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Sports Collectors Digest and Professional Sports Authenticator provide card show schedules on their websites. These events include card signing, authentication of previous signatures, card showcases and sales. Local dealers often provide information about future shows. Events are a good way to discover and network with dealers and collectors, as these additional contacts can expand informational resources, leading to a wider knowledge of upcoming shows and conventions.

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As of 2016, The National Sports Collectors Convention has regularly been the largest annual sports card event featuring the most collectible products in the U.S. It provides a tentative list of upcoming show schedules on its website, NSCCShow.com. This schedule is available online or for download as a PDF file.

Companies that attend the national and other large events often occupy a pavilion or booth for celebrity appearances, memorabilia sales and promotions. These companies typically promote the event, in addition to the location of the pavilion or booth, on their websites. Tristar Productions, for example, provides information on the shows where it intends to make an appearance. This information is located in the Schedule section of its website, TristarProductions.com. Collectors can check the websites of memorabilia and collectibles companies to find information on shows they plan to attend.

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