How Do I Find Out If My Stamp Collection Is Worth Money?


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To find out if a stamp collection is worth money, compare the stamps in the collection to others that have sold recently. Check online auction sites like eBay to find comparable stamps in the collection, making sure the stamps are in the same condition as those sold.

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Determining the value of a stamp collection is no easy task. It can take years of experience to build up enough expertise, and even then, plenty of research is required.

Use stamp catalogs like the Scott Postage Stamp Catalog to find the value of stamps in the collection. Be sure the catalog is as up to date as possible to reflect current prices. Go to stamp shows and local clubs to ask for help in determining the value of a stamp collection. Take the stamp collection to a dealer to find out what he would offer, or take it to an appraiser and pay for an appraisal.

The quickest part of determining a stamp collection's value comes in finding out what it isn't worth. The condition of an individual stamp or stamp collection may rule out any monetary value. Simple things like creases, tears or thin areas could mean the difference between a stamp worth hundreds of dollars and one worth nothing at all.

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