How Do I Find Out How Much My Rare Coin Is Worth?


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Determining the value of a rare coin can be accomplished by contacting any number of antique coin dealers, auction houses or by looking online at coin value or grading websites. There are also coin traders who determine value in person at conventions and coin or antique shows, and some who do business on the Internet.

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In larger cities around America, antique and coin shows are a regular occurrence and can oftentimes be the safest way to find out the value of a rare coin, as the meeting is in person. It is also a good place to talk with coin traders or purchasers who may offer a good trade or a fair price for the coin. Auction houses around the world frequently do business in the collectible coin industry, including appraisals. However, shipping coins can be costly, and different countries have varying laws about importing, exporting, selling and buying valuable goods. Another option is to research books on the value of old coins, but it is best to have a professional appraiser determine the worth of coins. Having a coin examined by more than one professional gives the owner a better idea of precise value.

To determine the condition of a coin, it should have a professional grade. It could be graded as poor, fair, about good, good, very good, fine, very fine, extremely fine, almost uncirculated or mint state. The higher the coin is graded, the more it will be worth. If a coin has a professional grade, it will be easier to trade or sell it.

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