How Do I Find Out How Much a Diecast NASCAR Model Is Worth?

How Do I Find Out How Much a Diecast NASCAR Model Is Worth?

Determining the worth of a diecast NASCAR collectible has many factors, including condition, rarity and demand. What a collectible is worth is based both on your desire for that piece and what the market has deemed its financial value to be.

  1. Observe the condition of the diecast

    The first item that most collectors look at is the condition of the diecast. Has the model been well cared for? Does the model show any signs of use or abuse? Scratches or dents drastically effect the price. Also, many collectors want the original packaging in which the model came. The packaging condition, just like the model itself, effects its value.

  2. Find out how rare the model is

    The rarity of a model refers to how many casts of that particular model were made. Small 1/64-scale models that are easily available at your local toy store are produced by the thousands, making them far easier to obtain, while detailed 1/8-scale models are much costlier to produce and are, therefore, made on smaller production runs. There are exceptions to this rule. Mass-produced 1/64-scale models that have errors are valued many times higher than their correctly made brother cars.

  3. Be sensitive to demand

    The demand or popularity of a driver directly contributes to the value of that driver's car. A Dale Earnhardt #3 Talladega crash car made by Elite Models is going to fetch a far higher price than a Tomy Drissi #66 Toyota. The current trend with drivers often ebbs and flows. The price and value of Dale Earnhardt collectibles, including diecast, skyrocketed after his death but then leveled out. Controversy, milestones and championships all cause spikes in the value of a particular car.