How Do You Find Out the Collector's Value of a Silver Coin?


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Find out the collector's value of a silver coin by using an online valuation guide such as those found on HA.com, PCGS.com or CoinStudy.com, as of 2015. You can also price the coin yourself using current and historical sales information on eBay.com or locate a local dealer for an appraisal.

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How Do You Find Out the Collector's Value of a Silver Coin?
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Many coin collecting sites include price guides for a specific minting of silver coins, though these prices usually consist of a range for the most common types of coins as opposed to specific years for specific coins. These guides typically explain the percentage of silver in the coin required for it to achieve a certain collector's value, along with some tips on how to gauge this information. However, these guides usually only receive annual updates, which means they are not always up-to-date.

Auction sites such as eBay.com contain many active listings for silver coins, allowing you to find out current sale prices for specific coins. The site also allows you to search through past sales to see how these sale prices change over time. Another method for finding the value of a coin is to use a business directory site such as Yelp.com to find a coin collector or metals dealer in your area. Many business are able to appraise a coin after viewing it in person.

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