How Do You Find Out Where Auctions Are Being Held in a Certain Area?

How Do You Find Out Where Auctions Are Being Held in a Certain Area?

To find out where auctions are being held in a certain area, check print-based and online publications. The time and venue of auctions are usually advertised in publications and websites that list auctions, classified ads and websites of agencies for whom the auction is being conducted.

Normally, details of an auction concerning the general estate are advertised in the print media such as the local newspapers. The newspapers may also put up the advertisement on their website.

The free weekly newspaper of an area usually contains the details regarding government auctions. This information can also be obtained from the public information bulletin boards put up in the local government buildings. Police auctions are often announced in local newspapers and on the Internet.

To know the time and venue of storage auctions, contact the storage facility in the given area or look for advertisements in the classified listings of the area. If there are auction houses in a particular area, access the website of the auction house, contact the house via telephone or browse through the listings of local auctions in the local newspaper. Websites of classified ads are also useful in this regard.

If it is a fund-raising auction, look for the venue and time as given on flyers or on the website of the non-profit agency.