What Are Some Otter Jokes?

According to jokes4us.com, some popular otter jokes include: "I recently robbed a bank. I got away with an otter and several ducks." "The Godfather recently took up taxidermy. He's made me an otter I can't refuse." "What do you call an otter that can lift up a 7-ton elephant? Sir."

Otters are meat eating mammals consisting of 13 semi-aquatic species. Their primary diet consists of fish and various invertebrates. These animals are part of a larger family of weasel that includes honey badgers, minks and wolverines.

An otter normally takes about three months to gestate, leaves the family after one year and becomes a full adult between two to three years. Otters may live up to 16 years, depending on environmental conditions.

Otters in Bangladesh are trained to work with fishermen. The job of the otter is to chase fish into waiting nets. The result of this fishing practice is that several net attempts can be made per hour, allowing the fisherman to produce results of 4 to 12 kilograms of fish per night. Without these techniques, fishermen in this area usually produce 1 to 2 kilograms of fish per day instead. However, the expense of obtaining and maintaining an otter is usually more than poor rural fishermen can afford.