How Do You Know an Original February 1940 Whiz Comic Versus a Reprint?


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The February 1940 Whiz Comic is an extremely rare comic which features the first appearance of Captain Marvel, according to Sell My Comic Books. The reproductions or reprints look significantly different from the original. Mislabeled #2, but actually issue #1, the original back cover features an advertisement including desk, a typewriter and the faces of two children in color, while the front bares the caption, "Gangway for Captain Marvel!"

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The original cover shows Captain Marvel throwing a car, with the caption between his feet. A 1975 reprint called Famous First Editions is oversized, at 10 inches by 13.5 inches, and the cover is missing the caption, "Gangway for Captain Marvel!" A wide black margin appears around the cover image with a title at the top - "Famous 1st Edition." Sellers frequently rip the cover off this comic and attempt to pass it off as the original 1940 comic, explains BIP Comics. A 1975 reprint displays a black and white back cover and interior, while the back cover of the original is in color. A 2000 reprint is obvious due to the printed bar codes on the front cover.

The value of an original #2 Whiz Comic ranges, in 2014, from a minimum of $2600 for a comic in poor condition to the record sale of $280,000.

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