What Is the Origin of the "Spin the Bottle" Game?


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Dictionary places the origin of the Spin the Bottle game between 1945 and 1950. Spin the bottle is a kissing game played at parties, and the cultural origin is American.

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What Is the Origin of the "Spin the Bottle" Game?
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As explained by Wikipedia, Spin the Bottle is a party game in which a group sits in a circle with a bottle placed in the center. One of the people in the circle is designated as the spinner, and that person spins the bottle. When the bottle stops spinning, whoever the top of the bottle is pointing to is the person that the spinner must kiss. There are several variations on the game. Players may decide that the kiss must happen within a certain amount of time or that the "kissing couple" must go to a private area to complete the kiss. Some people also substitute a hug or a dare in place of a kiss. According to Wikipedia, Spin the Bottle is most popular with teenagers and college-aged kids. Bored Gourd suggests that a benefit of Spin the Bottle is there are no real winners or losers in the game. They point out that it is a great way to add life to a party, depending on the variation being played.

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