How Do You Do Origami With a Dollar Bill?


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Several origami shapes can be created with a dollar bill, and one shape that works for most occasions is the origami shirt. The process requires a crisp bill of any denomination, and it takes about five minutes to complete.

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  1. Fold and unfold

    With the presidential image facing up, lay the bill horizontally on a table. Fold the bill in half along the long edge. Unfold the bill so that it is flat again.

  2. Fold inward

    Fold the bill's bottom long edge inward until it meets the crease made in the first step, and make a crease. Fold the bill's top long edge inward until meets the center mark, and make a crease.

  3. Fold the right edge

    At the right edge of the bill, fold under the thin white border. This fold should leave the numerical denomination flush against the folded edge.

  4. Make the shirt collar

    Rotate the folded bill 90 degrees counter-clockwise, so that the folded border is now at the top. Working with the folded border edge, fold each corner inward toward the middle until the corner tips touch each other. This fold can have any angle, although it must be the same on both sides.

  5. Make the shirt arms

    Fold the bottom edge up to create a section that is roughly one-third the length of the bill, and make a crease. Open that fold. On each side of the bill, grasp the crease between the thumb and forefinger. Squeeze it to create a small section that flares out; these sections are the shirt arms.

  6. Finish the shirt

    With the shirt arms sticking out to the sides, fold the bill back up along the crease made in the previous step. Fold the bill upward once more and tuck the edge with the sleeves under the collar.

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