How Do You Organize a Weight Loss Competition?

How Do You Organize a Weight Loss Competition?

Organizing a weight-loss competition is an effective way to inspire others to get healthier while motivating yourself to achieve your fitness goals. To start your own challenge, you need a posterboard, prizes for winners, a scale and flyers to announce the challenge. You'll also need a place for all contestants to meet regularly.

  1. Set dates for the competition

    Determine the start and end date of the competition and how often you plan to conduct weigh-ins.

  2. Set up a weigh-in station

    Place a scale in a common area for participants to use, and nominate one person to be the designated weight recorder. This person's job is to accurately record and keep track of each participant's weight.

  3. Determine the prize and entry fee

    A simple way to reward winners is with a cash jackpot. Require all participants to contribute a small monetary amount to be a part of the competition. The winner will receive the entire pot of money.

  4. Advertise the competition

    Create colorful, attention-grabbing flyers, and place them around the office or neighborhood.

  5. Establish rules

    Make a clear set of written rules that outline how the competition will work. For example, you can require participants to be on time for each meeting or ban the use of weight-loss pills to promote healthy weight loss. Decide what rules you'd like to create, and make everyone aware.