What Is the Order of the Resident Evil Video Games?

The first "Resident Evil" video game was released in 1996. As of 2014, there are a total of 24 video games in the "Resident Evil" franchise, with another anticipated for release in 2015.

Following the 1996 debut of the original "Resident Evil" game:

  • "Resident Evil: Director's Cut" and "Resident Evil 2" came out in 1997.
  • "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" came out in 1999.
  • "Resident Evil: Code: Veronica" and "Resident Evil: Survivor" followed in 2000.
  • Three games in the series were released in 2001: "Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X," "Resident Evil: Survivor 2: Code: Veronica" and "Resident Evil: Gaiden."
  • Graphics in the series were overhauled with 2002's rerelease of the original "Resident Evil" and a prequel called "Resident Evil Zero."
  • "Resident Evil: Dead Aim" and "Resident Evil: Outbreak" debuted in 2003.
  • "Resident Evil: Outbreak: File No. 4" was released in 2004.
  • "Resident Evil 4" came out in 2005.
  • In 2006, "Resident Evil: Deadly Silence" came out, followed by "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles" the following year.
  • 2009 saw the release of "Resident Evil 5," "Resident Evil: Degeneration" and "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles."
  • "Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D" and "Resident Evil Revival Selection" came out in 2011.
  • Four games in the series came out in 2012: "Resident Evil: Revelations," "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City," Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection" and "Resident Evil 6."

As of 2014, "Resident Evil: Revelations 2" was slated for a February 2015 release.