How Do You Order Custom Controllers for the Xbox 360?


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Gamers can order custom Xbox 360 controllers from online retail shops such as ControllerChaos.com and GamerModz.com. Both sites give customers the chance to create their own controllers or to choose from custom designs that others have created.

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How Do You Order Custom Controllers for the Xbox 360?
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At ControllerChaos.com, players start by choosing a custom design for their controllers, such as the Galaxy theme shell. After choosing a theme, they can further customize their controllers by selecting new thumb sticks, bumpers and other buttons. They can also add service plans such as getting an extended warranty, rush processing and shipping insurance.

ControllerChaos.com takes customization a step further by allowing players to upgrade the technology inside their controllers. Players can add mod chips that give them certain abilities in games, such as rapid fire, quick scoop, faster reloading, auto spot and much more. Players can also add all of the mods to their controllers for a discounted price.

GamerModz.com offers many of the same customization options as ControllerChaos.com but has a few exclusive mod chips such as the PGA Tour Golf Mod, which gives players three custom mods to use when they play PGA Tour Golf games. The custom mods include Max Perfect Swing, Perfect Swing and Max Spin. The Perfect Swing mod gives players the ability to swing any club in their bags perfectly, even the putter.

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