How Do You Operate a Propel RC Mini-Helicopter?


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First, sync the Propel RC helicopter with the controller to ensure the helicopter responds quickly and accurately. Next, use the throttle control on the left side of the controller to move the helicopter up and down. Move the helicopter horizontally using the directional controls on the controller's right side.

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Many Propel RC helicopters have motion control capability in addition to traditional manual controls. Using motion controls, tilting the controller to the left or right causes the helicopter to move in the same direction. Motion controls only control the helicopter's directional movement; adjusting the throttle must still be done manually.

Occasionally, the helicopter may begin spinning to the left or right on its own. Correct these problems by using the trim adjustment controls located under the throttle and directional controls. For example, if the helicopter is spinning to the left, correct the problem by adjusting the right trim control. Do not adjust the trim by holding the buttons down: Only tap the controls repeatedly until the helicopter stops rotating.

If the helicopter responds improperly or not at all to commands from the controller, the batteries likely require replacement. If the controller has fresh batteries but the helicopter still does not respond, it is probably outside of its range. If trim controls do not correct rotational problems, then one or both of the rotors are likely damaged.

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