How Do You Operate the "Pom Gets Wi-Fi" Game?


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"Pom Gets Wi-Fi" is an indie adventure game created using RPG Maker version RM2k3, so it is controlled using the same WASD and Z or spacebar controls as other games that use this tool. These basic controls are also used to navigate the rare set-piece battle screens.

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When moving around the world, the W key makes Pom go up, the A key sends her left, the D key makes her go right and the S key moves her down. Pressing Z or spacebar when Pom is standing directly in front of an object, person or dog allows her to interact, either by talking, retrieving an item or starting a battle. This is important to advance the plot and complete retrieval quests.

Saving is also done using the Z or spacebar key. Select the appropriate Save File slot, and press the key to save over any previous save game.

The battles are set pieces, so the player simply chooses responses using the up and down arrows then using Z or spacebar to select the attack. During the final battle, choosing to exercise any of the active controls means that the secondary character is killed. The only way to avoid this is to do nothing during the battle.

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