How Do You Open Sealed Envelopes?

How Do You Open Sealed Envelopes?

Steaming is the best way to open a sealed envelope without damaging it. This method requires exposing the envelope to steam under warm conditions. Placing it in the sunshine for a few minutes is effective in this regard.

  1. Place the envelope in the sunshine

    The envelope should be in the sun for approximately 20 minutes, ensuring that the sealed part of the envelope is facing the sun. The heat helps to weaken the glue.

  2. Use the steam to loosen the glue

    Direct the hot steam over the sealed part of the envelope. This will loosen the glue enough to open the envelope.

  3. Give the envelope time to dry, and pull out the letter

    Give the envelope a few moments to dry before pulling out the letter. This helps ensure that the letter is not damaged from being stuck to the glue on the envelope.