How Do You Open an NDS File?


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According to File.org, an NDS file has to be opened on a Nintendo DS system or a Nintendo DS emulator on a computer. The acronym NDS stands for Nintendo Dual Screen. Games configured for the Nintendo DS have special file extensions that are designed to work with the Nintendo DS. This handheld console has two screens, one of which is a touch screen.

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PCWorld says that emulating a Nintendo DS system on a PC is a simple task thanks to the large number of emulators available for this system. One such emulator is called DeSmuMe. Having an emulator for the Nintendo DS is just half of the battle. The user also needs ROM files, which are the files that contain the game's data. It is illegal to download ROM files unless the person downloading the ROM owns a copy of the original game.

Most computers should not have a problem running Nintendo DS emulators, according to PCWorld. If the emulator is not running at full speed, the website recommends that the user switch to the OpenGL renderer. This is an option located in the 3-D settings configuration menu. The DeSmuMe allows users to input touch commands using their mice. The mouse input method works well for simple tap commands but is less accurate when making quick motions compared to the actual touch screen on the Nintendo DS.

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