How Do You Open the Locked Door in Mossdeep City?

How Do You Open the Locked Door in Mossdeep City?

In Pokémon "Omega Ruby" and "Alpha Sapphire," the locked door in the back of the old man's house in Mossdeep is home to the Secret Bases of Pokémon franchise designers, staff and artists. To unlock the door and create one of these bases, scan their QR codes.

  1. Find the special QR codes

    These codes have been distributed at various times through Nintendo and the Pokémon Company's official channels. If the QR code you seek is no longer available through these channels, the image of it can likely be found through research. Some examples of staff members that have Special Bases are Junichi Masuda, Ayana Tsubaki and Koji Oishi.

  2. Scan a QR code

    To scan a QR code, go to the HOME menu and press L or R to activate the 3DS camera. Then tap the QR code icon in the lower-left corner and tap OK when it is centered. Then tap OK once again to return to the game.

  3. Battle in the Special Base for prizes

    Once a valid QR code is active, the old man will let you enter the locked door. Each person's base contains different types of Pokémon to battle, and defeating them all earns you their flag and a gift that can be collected once per day.