What Are Some Online Virtual Farming Games?


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Some online virtual farming games include “Virtual Farm” and “The Farmer.” Both of these games are available to play for free on arcade websites such as AmpGames.com and Slivergames.com. Players control both games using a computer mouse.

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In “Virtual Farm,” players take control of a farmer who has to water, harvest and sell crops to turn his struggling farm into a successful business. Players decide what crops to grow and care for the crops until they are ready to harvest. Then, they sell the crops at the market for the prices that they set. While selling crops at the market, players need to keep a close eye on demand to determine which crops they can charge more money for. As they earn more money, they can upgrade their farm to produce new goods to sell at the market.

“The Farmer” involves players taking control of a farmer who is in charge of running a farm. Harvesting crops and selling chicken eggs earns them money, which they can use to buy more crops and chickens. At the start of the game, players must travel to town to buy seeds to plant. Once they earn enough money, they can buy chickens to keep on the farm. There is a stamina meter at the top right side of the game screen that limits the gamer to how much they can do each day.

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