How Is the Online Version of "The Game of Life" Played?


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According to GameofLifeOnline.com, the online version of "The Game of Life" has the same rules and gameplay as the original game. The game provides a simulation of common life challenges, such as going to college, choosing a career, having a family and retiring.

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The game is playable on a virtual version of the game board, which employs some 3-D graphics. According to the website, the game is played with two to six players. Players spin a wheel to determine the number of moves they can make per turn. Along the way, they earn money through their chosen career paths or by purchasing stocks.

Players can lose money through mortgages, loan payments and insurance payments. Unlike other games, the cards and spaces presented to the player determine his future status in the game. Strategy is a secondary feature of the game due to its high reliance on randomness, which is meant to simulate the unexpected nature of life. The player who makes it to retirement with the most money wins the game.

This game provides numerous lessons for children, such as how to make good life choices and how to spend money prudently. Children can also learn about life's major milestones, from getting married to having children and paying mortgages.

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