What Are Some Free Online Sniper Hunting Games?


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Some online sniper hunting games include “Duckmageddon,” “Hunting Contest” and “Deer Sniper 2014.” From realistic to cartoonish, these games all offer a range of experiences for hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

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“Duckmageddon” plays similar to the classic “Duck Hunt,” with players attempting to shoot ducks that emerge from the brush and fly around the screen. Each level offers a set goal for kills, which players must reach in order to continue on. Gray ducks fly slower and hover around the screen longer, while green-fringed ducks fly faster and quickly move off screen, making them more difficult to kill.

“Hunting Contest” takes a fast-paced, comical approach to hunting. Players are ushered along a vast expanse of wilderness as various animals move across the screen. Shooting the animals gains players points, while missing shots causes players to lose points. The game offers a variety of weapons and power-ups for players to collect, and the cartoonish aesthetic makes it appealing to look at.

“Deer Sniper 2014” is a more reserved, strategic hunting game. Players must wait for deer to appear and spend time carefully lining up their shots, using the game’s zoom feature to ensure accuracy. The game offers a more robust, complex experience than the preceding titles, but it’s also more difficult to pick up and play.

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