What Are Some Online Rollercoaster Games?


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Some online roller coaster games include "Build a Coaster" from DiscoveryKids.com and "Roller Coaster Rush" from RollerCoasterGamesOnline.com. In "Build a Coaster," the player creates a roller coaster and tests whether its physics work, while "Roller Coaster Rush" requires the player to finish a coaster as fast as possible.

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When playing "Build a Coaster," the player constructs his own tracks with tunnels, corkscrews, boomerangs and large loops. The player then submits his track, and if the Fear-o-Meter at the bottom reaches too high a level, he must recreate it. In "Roller Coaster Rush," the player must guide a roller coaster cart through different courses across the country. The ultimate goal is to give the riders as many thrills as possible while keeping them safe.

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