What Are Some Online Multiplayer Strategy Tips for "Gravity Guy"?


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Tips for playing the multiplayer mode in “Gravity Guy” are the same for playing single-player mode, which includes watching the course to plan ahead and switching the gravity accordingly. In multiplayer mode, each player controls the gravity for his own character, which means that players have no control over other players' movements.

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“Gravity Guy” is an endless runner that has a simple one-button control scheme to control the gravity. Each player uses a different letter to control the gravity for his character. In a full four-player game, players use the keys Q, X, P and M, respectively. Pressing the button makes the on-screen character fall between the ceiling and floor. The on-screen character continues to run forward, so players must time their button presses to keep the character from getting stuck on walls or falling into pits.

In a single-player game, players control the gravity using the left mouse button or the space bar, and the goal is to complete each level. If they die on a level, they respawn at the start of that level. There is also an enemy that chases after the player. If they get stuck on a wall too long, the enemy catches them, and the players have to start over. Clicking the pause symbol in the top left-hand corner of the screen brings up a menu that allows them to choose to go back to the main menu.

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