What Are Some Online Mini Golf Games?


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Online mini-golf games include “Mini Golf” and “Mini Putt 3.” While “Mini Golf” is a single-player game, “Mini Putt 3” allows up to four players to play together on the same computer. When playing with multiple people, players can choose to turn ball collision on or off.

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At the start of “Mini Putt 3,” players choose their names and the colors of their balls. This game offers two courses. One is a classic mini golf course, and the other is dinosaur-themed. Each course has 18 holes, and par is set at 48. At the start of every course, each player can place his ball anywhere behind the white line when it's his turn. Then he moves the mouse to set both the strength and the direction of his shot. Clicking the left mouse button launches the ball.

There are nine holes in “Mini Golf.” Players control “Mini Golf” using a mouse to set the power and direction of their shots. Many of the holes in this course are extremely challenging, which is why par ranges from three to 10 shots for each. Most of the holes are short but require players to have perfect aim and work against gravity while shooting up and down hill.

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