What Are Some Online Math Games and Puzzles for Kids?


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"Buying Groceries," "Space Race" and "Bloxorz" are some online math games and puzzles for kids. These and other math games are available on PBSKids.org, MathPlayground.com and CoolMath-Games.com.

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"Buying Groceries" is a game that teaches simple addition. The player is presented with a budget and a selection of different food items costing different amounts. The player must click and drag food items onto the weigh scale until the cost of the food is equal to the given budget. With each round, the number of different foods available for purchase increases, adding to the difficulty of the game.

In "Space Race," the player controls a spaceship in a race against three opponents. As the spaceship moves across the screen, a multiplication problem appears above it. Four possible answers to the problem are presented as power-ups in front of the ship. The player must click on the correct answer before the ship passes over the power ups. If she chooses correctly, the player's ship is propelled forward. If an incorrect answer is chosen, the player's ship slows down momentarily.

"Bloxorz" helps older children learn about geometry and spatial relations. In this game, the player must move a block across an obstacle course without falling off the edge of the course or getting stuck. Players must examine the block's position in relation to the configuration of the course to plan an accurate route to the finish.

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