What Are Some Online Math Games for Fifth Graders?


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Some online math games for fifth graders include “Wheel Spin” and “Millionaire Challenge.” Both of these games are available to play for free on Kidsmathtv.com. While most of the games are basic in nature, they provide kids with an interactive way to do fifth-grade math.

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“Wheel Spin” is an interactive algebra game that takes the form of a quiz show. Players spin the wheel to see how many points they could win for the upcoming algebra problem. If they get the answer correct, they are rewarded with the points from the wheel. These math problems involve students finding the value of “x” or “y” in an equation. The players' final scores are based on how many points they earn after answering 15 questions. They can restart the game at any time by reloading the page.

“Millionaire Challenge” plays much like the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” In this game, however, the players must expand scientific notations to answer the questions correctly. They have three hints, which work like lifelines. If they get an answer wrong, they can use one of their hints to continue the game. Players have to correctly answer 15 questions to reach the million dollars, and they have only 30 seconds to answer each question.

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