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Many online Marvel games are available for download and play, such as Marvel Heroes 2015, Marvel Puzzle Quest and Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Each of these games is available for PC and is free, although additional content is available through microtransactions.

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Marvel Superheroes 2015 is a massively multiplayer online action game set in the Marvel Universe. Elements of action RPGs, similar to those in the Diablo, series combine with MMO features to allow players to play as their favorite heroes and engage either solo or cooperatively. A multitude of iconic Marvel heroes are playable, including Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk. Players can unlock additional heroes as they play, or they can instead purchase them through the game's online shop.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a role-playing puzzle game similar to the Bejeweled series. It is available on Steam, iTunes and Google Play. More than 60 characters are available, and players assemble teams of three heroes to battle against teams of three villains. Players can earn points by winning battles, which are used to level up and unlock new attacks.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online is a massively multiplayer online game designed primarily for younger audiences. As of April 2015, players can choose from more than 180 different heroes to team up, defeat enemies and collect points. Animated emotes are available to players who participate in the social aspect of the game.

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