What Are Some Online Makeup Games?


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Some online makeup games are "Elsa and Rapunzel: College Girls," "So Sakura: Movie Star" and "Beauty Resort 3." All of these games are available to play online, and players can play for free.

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What Are Some Online Makeup Games?
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In "Elsa and Rapunzel: College Girls," players need to help Rapunzel and Elsa get ready for the day. The players choose to work on one of the girls first by clicking on the locker with her name on it. The players click on the type of makeup and then choose a color. When the makeup is on, the players get to dress both girls.

"So Sakura: Movie Star" allows players to give their model a facial, makeup makeover and a new hairstyle. The players must follow each step in order to move on to the next activity. The game shows the players exactly what needs to be done on their model. Players complete each activity before moving on to the next one.

"Beauty Resort 3" allows players to run their own spa and beauty resort. The players take each guest and perform the type of service the guest wants, from relaxing whirlpool baths to facials. The players must take care of each aspect of running the spa, including taking care of customers, cleaning the stations and buying new items.

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