What Are Some Online Lost and Found Games?


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As of 2016, some online lost and found games include "Lost and Found" and "Apothecarium." Both of these games are available online at multiple websites to play for free.

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In "Lost and Found," players have the option of selecting one of five rooms to look for lost items. After selecting a room, players are given a list of eight items to find in two minutes or less. If they click on the wrong item in the room, the word "miss" appears, and there is a beeping sound. Clicking on the wrong item costs players time and points. If the players don't find all the items in the allotted time, they can start again, but the list of items changes each time. There are two hints available to help players find items.

"Apothecarium" finds players at the front gate of spooky estate at night. Players must complete a number of rounds before moving on to the next area. The number of items increases as players finish a round. The items for this game are bunched together over a large space and are difficult to spot.

Players have three minutes to find all the items, but wrong clicks don't count against their time. As players look for items, a spooky music plays in the background.

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