What Are Some Online Hunting Games?


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Some online hunting games include “Supreme Deer Hunting” and “Bow Hunter Target Challenge.” In both games, players are shooting at deer. However, in “Bow Hunter Target Challenge,” players are shooting at deer-shaped targets.

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In “Supreme Deer Hunting,” players have 60 days to hunt as many deer as possible. They get points based on the deer that they shoot. For example, they receive 50 points for shooting a doe but 150 points for shooting a buck. If players shoot the deer in the head or while they are running, they get an extra 50 points.

Players use the points to buy upgrades for their guns. Some of the upgrades include scopes, stronger guns and slug shots. If they save 9,000 points, they can purchase a rocket launcher. Gamers aim and shoot with the computer mouse and can hit the space bar on the keyboard to reload.

In “Bow Hunter Target Challenge,” players attempt to shoot as many deer-shaped targets as possible within the time limit provided while aiming with the mouse. Once the target is lined up, they click the left mouse button to steady, pull back on the mouse to determine the strength of the shot and release the left mouse button to fire. The closer they shoot to the center of the target, the more points they earn.

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